Silver ornaments worth Rs. 5 lakh stolen from temple

Rajamahendravaram: Silver ornaments worth Rs 5 lakh were stolen from Srirangadhamam temple on the banks of river Godavari on Tuesday night.

Rajamahendravaram Urban Police Superintendent B Rajakumari said that a miscreant who covered his face with mask entered the temple owned by Srimannarayana Chinnajeeyar Swami Trust after1:30 am and disconnected two CC cameras.

She also said that the culprit entered into main sanctum from Sudarshana Perumal temple side which is behind the temple and added that the thief’s face was recorded in camera which was installed in Sudarshana Perumal temple.
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 She also said that the miscreant has stolen 10 kgs of silver ornaments from the main deity and fled from the scene.

The police officer added that the culprit locked three rooms of the Archakas while entering into the temple.

Clues team and crime police investigating the case.