Food poisioning in Girls Hostel

Rajahmundry news

In yet another incident of food poisoning in Andhra, around 20 girls studying at the Sri Seshachala College in Puttur were hospitalized  on Thursday.
The B.Ed students of the college, alleged that they were served stale food on Wednesday night.
Some of the students reportedly stated that the food they were served had a pungent smell, and they chose to order food from outside.
However, those who consumed the food started complaining of stomach pain and dizziness from around midnight on Wednesday midnight. The condition became worse on Thursday morning.
The girls were shifted to private hospital by Thursday afternoon.
The hospital staff on duty have suspected food poisoning as the reason for their condition.
The students who had ordered the dinner from outside showed no such symptoms.
By evening, the condition of all the students who were taken undergoing treatment were said to be stable.
The Hindu reported that when some of the students suffering from food poisoning tried to contact their parents in the morning, the hostel management allegedly threatened them and said that they would fail in their exams and not be provided hall tickets.
This comes shortly after a similar case, when around 17 girls staying at a government-run SC/ST hostel in Rajahmundry in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh were hospitalised for suspected food poisoning.
The girls reported to be studying in class X, were rushed to the hospital after they started vomiting and complained of loose motions and dizziness after having dinner at the hostel.