When naughty girls and crazy boys turn Good Samaritans….


Warangal: While the excessive use of social network sites by youngsters is raising many an eyebrows over its largely condemned disadvantages and the number of cyber crimes is growing by the day, a group of young people is setting an example of how such platform can be turned into an appropriate area for philanthropy. 

A Facebook friends’ group titled ‘Naughty girls … Crazy Boys’, founded on January 11, 2015, and enjoying a membership of over one lakh, became a very useful platform to extend a helping hand to the aged, the orphaned and the physically challenged. The group was floated by Harsha of Bhadrachalam who is pursuing post-graduation in Rajahmundry

The group members meet once in six months and as a mark of their assembly they lend support to the poor and disadvantaged sections of society and become relatives of the orphaned. They regard themselves as elder brothers or elder sisters of the orphaned and play with them, dine with them and fulfill their needs. They distribute clothes, books and other goods which the orphans need. 
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According to Harsha, goods worth Rs 1 lakh were distributed among the orphans so far. According to Pardhu, a member of the group from Hyderabad, the members have qualifications right from graduation to doctorate. There are some professional graduates and postgraduates in the group, who also support physically challenged in Warangal distributing among them various implements.

The Facebook group received an overwhelming response from people requiring it to divide the members into Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Bhadrachalam, Hyderabad, Warangal and Karimnagar zones. Another group member Prasannasaid the service activities of the group would spread far and wide beginning from Rajahmundry and Warangal. She said the group members would formulate programmes to serve the society. 

Tanusri of Rajahmundry said she had become a member of the group at the behest of others. She was not familiar with anyone of the members till she met some of the group members in Warangal. Anji of Karimnagar said to demonstrate the fact that youth could achieve anything, many more programmes for the disadvantaged would be implemented. 

Another member Shyam of Warangal said each member was contributing Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 to implement service activities. Let us hope that friends brought together by this powerful social media would become instruments of change and serve as a source of inspiration for the youth.