Shortage of e-PoS machines hits digitisation in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry News:

Farmers in bazaars face the heat due to delay

Digitisation of Rythu Bazaars, which is one of the priorities of the State government, may take more time in East Godavari, particularly in Rajamahendravaram and other big towns.
This is because of failure in supplying ePoS machines in time by banks.
In Rajamahendravaram, there are seven Rythu Bazaars in which Ganesh Chowk and Natarj Theatre bazaars are big.
A total of 200 farmers are selling their vegetables in the markets daily by bringing them from surrounding villages and also getting from the central vegetable market.
After demonetisation, they faced problems in giving change as many customers brought Rs.2,000 notes.

Accounts opened

“In the first 15 days we faced the problem of giving change for Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 old notes as customers rushed to the market to spend them early,” said Ramarao, a farmer.
Estate Officers in the Rythu Bazaars have been facing problems arranging ePoS machines for farmers. They made farmers in their Rythu Bazaars to open current accounts hoping that bankers would provide them ePoS machines at the earliest. However, their hopes have been belied.
“I have opened 50 accounts for my farmers and DWCRA women in the nearest bank. The manager promised to provide ePoS machines in the second week of this month ut failed to do so,” said Mr. Srinivas, Estate Officer of Ganesh Chowk Rythu Bazaar.
SBI branch manager Sagar said as the demand for ePoS machines had doubled they could not get them on time from Mumbai.
They were expecting the machines in a week or so.