BJP breathes fire on corrupt bureaucrats, politicians


    MLA Akula says gold purchased after Nov 8 will be scrutinized and ornaments earned through honest means will remain untouched 
-    Accuses opposition parties and some bureaucrats of trying spread false rumours 
-    Announces that PM will initiate more reforms to take the country in a new direction post Dec 31

Rajamahendravaram: BJP MLA Dr. Akula Satyanarayana alleged that some corrupt bureaucrats and politicians are creating upheaval over the gold regulations and the Centre is very clear on this issue. 

He maintained that the Gold Act is very old one and the government is going to assess the gold purchased only after November 8. 

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Dr. Akula says that some stash holders converted their black money into gold after PM announced demonetisation on November 8 for the few days after note ban. However, he assured that gold owned by any individual through honest means will remain untouched. 
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He rubbishes rumours spread by vested interests that PM will usurp gold or gold ornaments owned by one and all as claimed by opposition parties and some highly corrupt officials and politicians.

He reiterated that middle and lower middle class people should not fear anything about their gold in lockers as it was kept before November 8 and it might be ancestor’s property. 

The MLA advised that the gold which is going to be purchased more than rules and regulations to be shown in tax returns. He clarified that those who try to convert cash into gold will be taken to task by the IT officials. He also predicted that Prime Minister will come out with more reforms and it will take the country in right direction from December 31.