Master plan for MCR with 13 surrounding villages soon

Proposal to make it Greater Rajamahendravaram under study, corporation area to go up to 162 sq km

The master plan for the Municipal Corporation of Rajamahendravaram, encompassing the 13 surrounding villages, is getting ready, said Mayor Pantam Rajani Sesha Sai here on Friday.
The plan will cater to the needs of the future generation and aims at creating required infrastructure facilities, she said at a meeting held with the corporators.
The Mayor announced that the master plan gazette got the approval from the government and there are plans to make the cultural capital into Greater Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation. The gazette of the master plan would be placed in the MCR council meeting on October 14 for approval.
She said in the first master plan approved in 1975 areas like Danavai Peta, T Nagar and A.V Appa Rap Road were identified as residential areas which have now been identified as commercial areas in the new plan. Katheru, Kolamuru, Konthamuru, Gadala Thorredu, Mormapudi, Palacharla, Pidimgoyyi, Diwan Cheruvu, Dowlaiswaram, Bommuru and Lala Cheruvu villages apart from Madhurapudi airport are going to be merged with the corporation. The population will increase from 3.50 lakh to 5.50 lakh with the merger. The area of the corporation will increase from 44.50 square kilometres to 162.83 km and the income also would go up. The master plan will be sent to the government after the approval of the council. The Mayor said that many roads will be widenedkeeping the growing traffic in mind.