Can Pawan Turn Trump Card for BJP in AP?

HYDERABAD: blurb: Many feel Pawan Kalyan could be the best crowd-puller for the saffron party which wants to transform into a formidable political force in the state
Following the recent statement made by Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan that he might bid adieu to his film career after acting in two to three more movies, an interesting debate is taking place among political circles over the possibility of the film actor taking the responsibility of strengthening the BJP in Andhra Pradesh in the coming days.
As the saffron party leadership wants to grow on its own by attracting Congress party’s traditional vote bank to its side, particularly numerically strong Kapus, the argument within the party circles is that Pawan Kalyan, who hails from the same community, will be a perfect bet to achieve this gigantic task.
Though the Tollywood’s dreamboat has so far not divulged his future political plans, if he bids adieu to his glittering film career, the talk within the BJP circles is that as the party has no ‘crowd-puller’ to make it grow on its own in the reorganised State by attracting the masses, Pawan will fit the bill.In fact, even though Pawan had floated his own political outfit, Jana Sena, before last general polls, he more or less remained as a BJP man by campaigning for the saffron party during those elections. Even after the polls, he never concentrated on giving a perfect shape to his party by forming an organisational structure for it.
Moreover, the Jana Sena has so far kept itself aloof from the electoral politics. Even though there had been a speculation over the possibility of the party jumping into the electoral politics by contesting the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) polls, the party chose to skip those polls.