Visit TVC Nursary, Kadiyam near Kadiyapulanka - The best nursery I have seen

homeEstablished in 1975 by Sri Tadala Vishnu Chakravarthy in Kadiyapulanka, TVC Nursery soon earned its reputation as one of the leading Nurseries not only in Godavari Districts but also in Andhra Pradesh. We are engaged in Exporting and Supplying different saplings like Fruits Plantations, Tree Plantations, Tree Pots, Flowering Plants, Ornamental Plants, Indoor plants and more than 1000 varieties of plants in different sizes.
We are a team of highly motivated personnel in various capacities providing a variety of services using the latest technologies, to ensure that our work has met or exceeded client expectations. Our nurseries produce an impressive range of garden plants that have been tried and tested by us for their garden worthiness.
We offer healthy plants grown to the highest standards picked directly from our nursery and delivered to you in the best possible condition. Our progress mainly depends on our quality and unique varieties in plants.

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