Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Devasthanam Temple, Rajahmundry

Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Devasthanam Temple is located in Mangalavarapu peta, Rajahmundry. This is an ancient and historical temple. Sri Syamalambavaru stated as the Goddess of the Rajahmundry city. It is established and the temple is constructed about 100 years back. At this present place Sri Syamalamba Ammavari murthi was installed in the place of Somalamma Ammavaru.
           Sri Somalammavaru is still in existence at end point of the city. On the occasion of Jatara festival generally falls on Telugu New years Day (Ugadi), Sri Somalammavaru will be brought with honors to Syamalamba temple which is a parental institution. This temple was renovated on 1st November 1911 by Gopalapuram Jameendars. There is a Sila - Sasanam installed in the temple which supports the above fact. There is a custom and usage in the town to offer the Prathama Tambulam to Grama Devata by many of people at the time of functions, Festivals and other important occasions.
The real story of Syamalamba devatha is not available but according to elders oneday ammavaru was playing with their friends in childhood bacome a goddess at the place where at present RTC complex area old somalamma temple is there. She was anounced herself as "Goddess of Rajahmundry". And she ordered people to made jathara every telugu new year day ( Ugadi ). As she told every year during Ugadi period the jathara celebrations are going on still today. This festival celebrates with very inspiring sentiments between sisters in a family. 
Kings like Raja Raja Narendra and during the period of Reddy Rajus prayed and offered their Kanukas to Sri Somalammavaru treating her as Mukya Synika while the time of Battles.
           The Temple is situated in the heart of the town, which is very nearer to R. T. C complex ( around 3KM) and S. C. Railway station(around 3KM) 

Temple Authorities
Person in Management
Sri Syamalamba ammavari Devasthanam
Mangalavarapu peta
Res.(PP): 0883 - 2443157.