Pushkarams will give development to Rajahmundry ?

As the pushkaram to come in few months to Godavari, People of Rajahmundry city  awaits the arrival of pushkarams after 12 years on several reasons. The first one is it is an auspicious time to pay respects to the forefathers who left this world. Secondly to get blessed with an opportunity to render service to the guests who come from all over the world to the city of Rajahmundry to have dip in river Godavari. Last but not the least as citizens of this historical and cultural city we see a chance of development of the city infrastructure such as widening and  extension, expansion of roads,  railway platforms and  passenger amenities  in railway stations , development of bus complexes and creation of new bus shelters in city, improving electricity lines and substations so on.. apart from the routine Godavari ghat extensions.  But unfortunately the state division has left a sorrow state of affairs on the Pushkaram arrangements and development works not only in the Rajahmundry city but also the impact is clearly visible on both East and west Godavari districts development works on the eve of this Pushkaram.
State government is releasing paltry funds for the development activities against the estimates of 300 crores.  Only ghat reconstructions , repairs, basic face lift of temples is being taken up this time which is very much disappointing for the citizens of Rajahmundry.  Even new ghat construction works are not being given green signal. Road cum rail bridge which is a vital connecting link between East and West Godavari districts  is in worst condition  is expected to take up for total revamp but even this work is put on hold by the state government.

There is one more permanent project which is expected to  renovate is  Havelock bridge (an unrecognised) heritage construction of Rajahmundry  which is abandoned for train services in 1997 after 100 years of service and expected to be remodelled  as foot bridge to walkers and evening market on river Godavari.  This project is taken up many times in assembly by all almost all elected representatives of Rajahmundry but railway authorities can not be persuaded to give permission. Railways wanted the same to sold for scrap.  Later Chiranjeevi  Central minister of Tourism in Manmohan cabinet intervened and promised Rajahmundrians that he is going to make it a reality,  but could not do it in his tenure. The  Havelock bridge heritage restoration which is the desire people of Rajahmundry expected under the Pushkaram works as it can reduce the distance between East and West Godavari river beds and temples existed on both sides of the river.

Rajahmundry which has been merged with 21 villages of surrounding panchyats to become greater Rajahmundry and needs more funds for development but there is no enhancement of either grants or facilities given to that extent  to the city by the state government.

Rajahmundry city needs additional police force and police stations, widening of roads, security systems and enhancement of medical facilities in district hospital extension of fire stations and their infrastructure, rural health centres and staff, medicines in those areas, community centres etc.,  but local MLA’s and corporation representatives are not able to effectively voice their demands before chief minister and get the financial sanctions to meet the growing city needs.

The people of Rajahmundry  have to blame themselves  as they have elected such representatives who are good in criticising every other political leader  but can not do any good to the city or to the people this great historical and cultural city.

 Raghu bhushan Eranki
Source : Hans India