Places Around Rajahmundry - Ryali - Places to Visit

Ryali is situated 20KMs from Rajahmundry in East Godavari district (Atreyapuram Mandalam) of Andhrapradesh - India. This area is also called Kona Seema, a purely well irrigated area of Andhrapradesh due to many tributories of river Godavari. The famous Sri Jagan Mohini (Sri Maha Vishnu) temple is situated here. The shrine of Sri Jagan Mohini Keshava Swamy is made up of single stone (Salagrama Ekashila - 5 feet height and 3ft width). The idol looks like Sri Vishnu (male) from front side and as Mohini (female) from rear side. The architectural beauty of the idol and temple is excellent. The flow of Akasha Ganga at the feet of Sri Maha Vishnu can be seen here.

This place was purely a wild forest during 11th century and was ruled by Cholas. Raja Vikrama Deva originally constructed a small temple during 11th century and later renovated.

How to reach
Ryali is located in East Godavari district of Andhrapradesh - India. Tourists travelling fron Northern part of India have to come to Visakhapatnam via National Highway 5 (Highway between Kolkata and Chennai) and proceed towards Tuni, Annavaram and Rajahmundry. From Rajahmundry, travel towards Dowlaiswaram Barrage and take left turn at Bobbarlenka (immediately after the barrage on river Godavari). From Bobbarlanka proceed towards Lolla and take right diversion at Merlapalem to reach Ryali. People travelling from South and other parts of India have to reach a place called Ravulapalem on National Highway 5 (before Rajahmundry). At Ravulapalem take right turn to proceed towards Merlapalem and take left turn here to reach Ryali.
Importance of Ryali

In local language (Telugu) Ryali means FALL. As per Bhagavatam, Lord Vishnu takes the guise of Mohini to rescue Devatas against Rakshasas during Samudra Mathana for getting Amrutam (holy devine nectar). During equally distributing the Amrutam among Devatas and Rakshasas, Mohini works in favour of Devatas and avoids the nectar by giving to Rakshasas. Lord Eshwara (Shiva) sees Mohini and falls in love with her. Lord Shiva comes to know that Mohini is the guise of Lord Vishnu when a flower falls from the plait of Mohini. This place where the flower has fallen is named RYALI meaning FALL in Telugu.
In Ryali Lord Shiva is worshipped as Uma Kamandaleswara because on the back side Lord Brahma Consecrated the Siva Lingam with his Kamandalam. The Mahavishnu is consecrated as Mohini at the back side and hence worshipped as Sri Jaganmohini Keshava Swamy. The temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu face each other in East and West direction, a rare feature to see at Ryali. The shrine of Sri Jaganmohini is a joy to see. The ten incornations of Lord Sri Vishnu and consorts are beautifully sculptured around the shrine.

The temple timings are from 6.00am to 12.00noon and from 3.00pm to 8.00pm. No photography allowed inside the temple. Better plan to have food and stay at Ravulapalem as Ryali is a small village. People can include other places like Vadapalli (Lord Venkateswara temple), Pancharama temples (4 in this area, Samalkot, Draksharama, Palakollu, Bheemavaram) in their trip plan for visiting as these are all nearby. There is no standard package to visit Ryali from any of the travel agents. The nearest Railway station is Rajahmundry and nearest airport is Visakhapatnam. Plan for hiring a private vehicle to visit places in Konaseema.