New Year Predictions for Telugu States AP Telangana

With Ugadi, the Telugu New Year foresees a bright future ahead for Andhra Pradesh and promises to be good for Telangana.

At first Ugadi celebrations in Telangana, Yavaram Chandrasekhara Sharma Siddhanti made predictions for the new Telugu Sri Manmadha Nama Savatsaram among which - Adequate rainfall, surge in investments, bifurcation of High Court, new industries and good harvest are few.

While in Andhra Pradesh, the predictions were made by Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams panchangakarta (almanac writer) Tangirala Venkatakrishna Purnaprasada Siddhanthi. Predicting that the state would get a world class capital if works start before July, he said that a bright future is ahead for industrial development from December 2015.

The complete predictions for the two states -


- Some regions will be hit by Earthquakes.

- Growth in medical, film sectors.

- Possibility of Women’s Bill to be passed.

- Speedy trials of pending cases.

- Spurt in economic offences, terrorism

- Extreme focus on globalization.

- Arunachal Pradesh to get focus from Centre; possibility of facing natural calamity.

- China and Pakistan to continue with border disputes.

- PM Narendra Modi will strive for bilateral ties.

- Disputes over shastras, no jyothisha (astrology) shastra so marriages and functions can be performed round the year.

Andhra Pradesh

- Good year for development in IT and computers.

- Artistes to have a good year.

- Cooperation to the state government from the Union Government.

- As per Vastu, new Capital Tullur is situated between the ancient Kanakadurga temple of Vijayawada and Trikoteswara Swamy of Chilakapuripeta.

- Rains would decrease but it would not affect agriculture production as sudden rains will fulfil the water requirement.

- Industrial growth in AP.

- Political leaders and traders will face difficulties.

- Increase in temperature during summer.

- Air transport sector would be developed in northeast areas of the state.

- State government will face troubles between July end and December 2; difficulties would be resolved.

- Red soils would get good demand and the efforts the government to control traffic/speed would yield good results.

- Prices of gold, silver, rice, oil, ghee and others will increase.

- Naidu will rule with the government gradually resolving effects of a bad period.

- Ashadha month is Adhika (extra) month.

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