Good news For Andhra Pradesh

Finally ,the Central Government had looked into the issues of the bifurcated state Andhra Pradesh and announced a bumper news to all of them. The Centre officially declared the grant of financial aid of Rs 1500 crores. It seems out of the 1500, 500 crores will be used for construction of Assembly, Secretariat, Raj Bhavan and many other offices while other 1000 crores is for the construction of the basic amenities for the Andhra Pradesh capital.This financial aid was given under 94(3) of AP reorganisation act. Even though Centre announced a financial aid earlier, that amount was a very meager one. Courting this small help, there was a negative voice that rose against the BJP leaders and the Central government which turned down the actual requested amount.Notably, Chandrababu asked for a Rs 20,000 crores of financial assistance but the Centre also made it clear that it was in a huge deficit budget already. There has been an estimate prepared for the government buildings and other basic amenities before it was sent to the Centre.The expenses for the Capital Complex Buildings,Assembly, Council is Rs 1,125 crores, Secretariat is Rs 1,001crores, Offices of HODs is Rs 1,173 crores, Government Offices is Rs 3,250crores, High Court Complex is Rs 720 crores, City Command & Control Centre is Rs 225 crores, Guest Houses is Rs 200 crores, Security Centre is Rs 125 crores. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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