Future Kid's School children showcase talent in Open House

Students of The Future Kid's School, Rajahmundry, excelled in the Art and Craft exhibition put up during the Open House started from Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a large number of parents along with their children came to have a glimpse of handicrafts that were made out from little fingers. The students conceptualised the themes of their interest and painted the glass with mythological figures, sceneries and cartoon faces. A display of utility items like pen stand with ice cream sticks showed the skill of the students.

The Santa Claus made of craft paper by the primary schoolchildren was the centre of attraction. The fabric and pot paintings were the best examples of their creativity. The parent visitors have expressed their happiness and described it as a ‘visual feast.’ Art and craft play a major role in the curriculum of the school as it is not only re-creative but also a beautiful way of expression. Schools correspondent Ravibabu said that the Open House was being held annually for three days and the exhibits displayed were made by the students .

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