Places Around Rajahmundry - Dindi Resorts - Places to Visit

The Godavari River island enough to support unending acres of coconut groves but small enough to offer you a secluded holiday. Sun streaked riversides, the backbeat of waves striking shore, a musky earthen fragrance, coconut palms gyrating to the breeze off the river.
That Konaseema in season & and off season. A Must visit on the itinerary of every true blue vacationer. A set of breathtakingly picturesque islands floating in a 50 kms. Stretch of river Godavari, Konaseema brings to mind the canvas of a master painter. What better than to cruise down the gently lapping water, to set foot on each of these floating gems, to explore their pristine, almost virgin, beauty first hand? If you have been dreaming about a kerela backwater cruise, we suggest you make your way to konaseema now.
Andhra Pradesh Tourism makes the Konaseema experience even more memorable with its air conditioned 3 double bedroomed Houseboat Cruises. Now available for private charter are fully furnished boats accommodating upto four adults. Each is equipped with two double bedrooms with attached bathe, and a sit out-cum-dining area on the deck. On board, to attend to your comforts, are trained attendants. If to travel more than 4 members, extra 300 Rs will be charged for each member.The boat can be accomodate nearly 12 members.
The cruiser which sets sail at 10 am will take you long the winding tributaries of Godavari - Vynateyam and Vasista. Food is served - breakfast & lunch (veg) on the boat and dinner (non-veg) on an island in typical rustic style. The menu is a compilation of the best of ethnic cuisine fresh vegetarian fare and spicy non vegetarian food to bring you the true taste of Andhra.
The boat will drop anchor at Dindi Resorts (both starting and ending point). From Dindi resorts the cruise sail upstream Rajolu Town and to down stream upto Narsapur town. The tourists can travel in and around nearly 50 K.m. The travelers those who wanted to stay night at boat, for them the boat will be anchored near the resorts. Air conditioned rooms accomodation facility provided only to the travelers those who booked for 24 hours, and stay night at boat. for smooth and comfortable travel, advance booking is must. The very sight of the sun tumbling off the distant horizon, the inky blue sky studded with stars winking audaciously at you, the gentle lap of the water singing you to sleep, and the faint sounds of Nature settling in for the night need more reason to be here? Note : The A.P tourism department is going to construct 33 A.C suite rooms. These may be finished by the month of december.
Route : Bhimavaram - Palacole - Chinchinada Bridge - Dindi Village. (30 to 35 k.m from Bhimavaram to Dindi Resorts. (To Travel by private vehicles is more convenient than to travel by public buses).