Corporal Punishment takes a drastic turn in AP

Two young students of Mandal Parishad Primary School, Maradapalem of Bheemunipatnam mandal in Andhra Pradesh had to undergo the drastic side of corporal punishments as they were forced to kneel down on the ground naked for over three hours under the scorching sun. Eventually, the two students – Surya Teja and Dilip Kumar who are also brothers fainted.

There would be no saving for the boys if not for their father who was accidentally passing through the school noticed the plight of his sons. The boys were rushed to a hospital for treatment and a complaint has been lodged by the father against the teacher Anil Kumar Raja with the Village Sarpanch.
Sai Baba, the Mandal’s Educational Officer said that he would submit report for necessary action to the District Educational Officer (DEO) while the DEO MV Krishna Reddy assured of departmental action if the teachers were found guilty.
Meanwhile, the teacher Anil Kumar claimed that it was the students’ mother who had asked him to punish them and he had no intention to punish them.

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