Chandrababu pulls up Godavari MLAs

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday reportedly lost his cool and pulled up his party legislators from East and West Godavari districts over losing TDP-backed twin Godavari districts' MLC seat.  In a major embarrassment to the TDP Government, the TDP-backed former MLC Chaitanya Raju was defeated by the United Teachers’ Federation (UTF) candidate Ramasurya Rao. According to local TDP sources, Chandrababu showed extreme disappointment over losing the prestigious seat. It is learnt that the TDP MLAs told Chandrababu that Chaitanya Raju was not a right candidate for the seat. At this, Chandrababu asked them why did not they tell him that before.  He also wondered as to why the teachers were distanced from the TDP though the Government announced 43% fitment for them.  The Andhra Pradesh CM reportedly expressed anger at the way the government's good works were failing to reach people.

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