A.P. told to seek Rs. 600 more from Centre

NABARD Chairman H.K. Bhanwala on Tuesday said the bank had sanctioned Rs. 12,000 crore for Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) last year, but only 50 per cent of the allotted funds had been utilised. He asked the government to ensure that the funds were utilised for the next financial year.

Speaking at a special meeting with a NABARD team at the Secretariat on Tuesday, NABARD Chairman asked the government to appeal to the RBI for an additional fund of Rs. 600 crore.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had sought special debt assistance and co-operation in the form of Public-private Partnership (PPP) projects in the agricultural sector in the State.

Mr. Naidu also had maintained that the government was keen on giving big boost to micro-irrigation this year and said using the NABARD Infrastructure Development Funds, food parks, flori-culture, fisheries and horticulture would be promoted.

The NABARD Chief had also stated that they have given Rs. 6000 crore debt help to APCOB.

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