Andhra apples to hit market by next year

Andhra apples will be in the market by 2016. An experiment of growing apples in the Visakha Agency area where the temperature is low has proved a success.

Sixteen apple saplings were planted on the premises of Regional Agriculture Research Station of Dr. N.G. Ranga AP Agriculture University at Chintapalli and 10 at Lambasingi, 15 km away (which records 0 degree temperature on some days during winter) on January 24 last year to examine if the chilly weather of the Agency, which encompasses tall hill ranges covered with forests, is suitable to grow apples.

Director of CCMB Dr. Ch. Mohana Rao took the initiative in the experiment.

Chief Professor of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Ramesh Agarwal and Senior Principal Scientist A. Veerabhadra Rao examined the apples plants at Chintapalli and Lambasingi on Saturday along with Scientist of RARS D. Sekhar and Extension Officer Babu Rao and found that the plants were growing in a healthy way.


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